International College of Skincare & Body Therapy

Online/Correspondence Courses

At Madge Wallace, we pride ourselves on the high standard of the modular training and short courses we offer. We have taken all our programmes and divided them into structured modules, allowing you to keep building on to the different levels of knowledge and practical application.

Online / Correspondence Modules are conducted at the pace of each Student whereby you can study afterhours or inbetween your busy schedule. Assignments & Tests are assigned to students over the duration of the Course through our Online Learning Portal and students have a reasonable timeframe to submit all their work. Supporting Information / learning tools are available to assist in undestanding the subject matter which makes each module interesting.

The Duration of Part Time courses may vary depending on the training required. This can be anything from 1 month up to a 6 or 12 month course.

With the increasing demand for our Courses, we have introduced more Modules starting mid-year, allowing students to register and study the subject of choice into the following year. These modules offer the student the opportunity to study the treatment of their choice which allows you to:

♦ Study part time

♦ Start studying from mid-year to mid-year the following year

♦ Upgrade skills to add to an existing qualification

♦ Learn different techniques for self-improvement

♦ Launch off into a new and exciting career

All Correspondence Courses are Theory based only and do not cover practical elements of the Beauty Field – However the indepth nature of our online learning provides a stable and essential base for students interested in the Beauty, Skincare & Body Therapy Industry.
International Qualifications are available in some of our Theory subjects offered. Please enquire about these options. 

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