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July 2020 Motivational

by Madge Wallace -

Welcome to a New Month!! Yes, it is JULY and new blessings awaits us all.

It has been a cold Winter here at Madge Wallace, but we are slowly but surely moving to longer sunny days and shorter star filled nights again.

We are eagerly moving ahead with our Academic Calendar, keeping you all busy with your Studies in your Mid-Term Assessments, Theory & Practical work and taking everyone at Madge Wallace – Staff, Students and Visitors; Health & Safety very seriously; under our cautious Post Covid-19 Operational Procedures.

Challenging times all over the world, makes us realize life goes by so quickly.

One day we can feel great, and the next day broken.

The pandemic teaches us to appreciate the little things.

Nothing is permanent.  So, we should be thankful for our blessings.

Life is very precious.

Love more, forgive often, choose to be grateful and make everyday count!!

Keeping yourself motivated is just what we need, so here is some things to encourage and remind ourselves again……

Finish what you started

Never leave things hanging.  Always aspire for completion of your goals. Of course, being successful is not easy because we have to take care of so many things. But these small things are what build up our dream; so, never leave small details unaccomplished.

Love what you do

Indulge in happiness. The secret is not to do what you love but, love what you do. New and unexpected thing will pop up along the way and there is no other choice but learn to accept and work your way around it, so might as well love what you do.

Do not limit yourself

Explore new possibilities.  Be willing to expand your skills.  In every assignment in your life, take your ability to the next level. You Can Do It!!

So, go out there this month….

Accomplish your Goals!

Love what you Do!

Do not limit yourself!

Keep on sharing the Love!

Never give up Hope!!

Do your Best and Make your days Count!!


Keep Well!! Take Care & Stay Safe!!

Have a Jubilant July!!

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June 2020 Motivational

by Madge Wallace -

Hello To All at Madge Wallace International College,

We have officially encountered our first cold front this year in South Africa, and in our Winter season, we still have the most beautiful, sunny warm days in the Southern hemisphere to still look forward too, while we face cold nights.

Makes me think about our current situations we going through, we face so much uncertainty and confusion with everything we have to adapt too, but yet we stay strong, we persevere, we keep moving forward, innovating and creating exciting new ways of educating and we keep our goals to achieving successful students for the future in our Madge Wallace Family.

So to keep you all motivated in our new month of June, I would like to encourage all reading this...

You must enjoy what you have at the moment. Don’t think too much about the future to the extent that you fail to appreciate the present. This suggests that while we are motivated to realize our goals in the future it does not mean we must forget about the present. Enjoy every step of the way.

Never quit when you suffer setbacks!

Winston Churchill once said: “Success is hopping from failure to failure.” 
The tendency when we fail is that we become easily frustrated and then surrender.
Successful leaders did not make it to the top seamlessly and without mistakes along the way.
As the old saying goes, Quitters never win and winners never quit!

Dare to dream big!

Optimize your goals and never settle for less. While it is a golden rule to keep your goals achievable you should not limit what you might achieve.

This means that you set your goals without thinking whether you can achieve it or not.
On the way to our success the variable is not the goals we set but rather our ability and willingness to achieve them.
When you have big goals in life, they will push you to do more!
So, dare to dream big.
Why? Because Dreams do come true!!!

Wishing you all a Joyous June full of sunny days, a never quit attitude, dare to dream big dreams and never ever give up hope!!

Keep Well & Stay Safe!!

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