The Theory Subjects offered are offered as Theory Modules only.
These Core Subjects are the foundation and in some cases pre-requisites to other Courses offered by Madge Wallace.
The basis for these modules is Industry Specific related to Skincare, Body Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Massage and Aesthetic Skincare whereby the student will benefit from the subject matter covered herein.

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Cytology & Histology
  • The Skin (Dermis) & Skeletal System
  • Muscular System & Nervous System
  • Digestive & Respiratory System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Lymphatic & Endocrine System
  • Urinary & Reproductive System
    A key subject if you’re considering any Massage Related Courses

A comprehensive subject that looks at the various skin conditions and treatments – covering diseases & analysis of the Skin when treating clients.
A fundamental subject for the Skincare Industry and a pre-cursor for Advanced Aesthetics.
Incorporates applied Anatomy related to the Skin (Integumentary system)

Chemistry, including Cosmetic, Organic & Inorganic is taught as a core subject when understanding the role that Therapist plays when working with Professional Products. This knowledge is applied when working with various ingredients, machinery and Professional Brands when recommending and working with a client’s face and body.
* A fundamental subject for the Skincare Industry and a pre-cursor for Advanced Aesthetics.

Nutrition :
A subject that gives you an indepth understanding and benefits of good nutrition and the effects on the body – a subject essential for the Wellness & Body Therapy Industry / often offered alongside Aromatherapy, Reflexology and other Holistic related Modalities.

Business Studies & Spa Management:
A fundamental subject in the understanding of any Business. The course explains the running of a small Business, the set up and operations of a Salon and the duties and management of staff and stock etc.

Aesthetics & Beauty Culture:
A subject that gives you a broad-based understanding of the Beauty and Skincare industry with all the foundational knowledge of the treatments offered, machinery used as well as the products required in a Salon & Spa environment.
Providing the learner with the theory knowledge needed to work within the Industry and understand the various techniques and applications. Without having the opportunity to apply the practical treatments, you will learn about the spectrum of Spa & Salon Treatments in a Glossary of Treatment Terms & Applications.
An ideal stand alone subject or to work in conjunction with Dermatology.